Why do we use Soraa? Simply Perfect Light

November 2017

4 Min Read

The Valley

My recent trip to Soraa in Fremont, California USA cemented my thoughts on why we use Soraa LED technology in our fixtures. Like many tech-enthusiasts, I have long been intrigued by Silicon Valley, an area famous for silicon chip manufacturers and home to the world’s largest high-tech players. Driving through the Valley you pass tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, Tesla….it makes you realise that within this 50sq mile (130km) radius the modern world is being significantly shaped here.

The Soraa facility happily sits amongst these world leading innovators, allowing them to tap into the abundant resources that their logistical locale grants. I was honoured to be given a full tour of the Soraa facilities by Mike Craven (Senior Director, LED Engineering), William Pickering (SR Director of Wafer Fab Operations), George Stringer (SVP, Global Sales and Marketing) and Steven Holt (Manager, Channel Marketing). Seeing Soraa’s operation first hand gave me a deeper understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in order to create such amazing levels of performance and aesthetic.

The Genius Behind the Product – Shuji Nakamura

Having sold Soraa products for the past few years, I have a deep appreciation for the beautiful illumination that the Soraa LED range delivers. However, before the tour I was unaware of the amazing technological pedigree behind the brand. Soraa emerged onto the world LED scene 5 years ago with the famous electronic engineer and inventor Shuji Nakamura as a Co-founder. In 2014 Nakamura was awarded the Nobel prize for Physics in recognition of his invention of the blue light emitting diode (LED) – his invention has made a hugely significant impact on the world – enabling more efficient and bright light sources and the subsequent digitisation of our illuminated environment.

Perfect Crystals = Perfect Light

Nakamura continues to make massive contributions to the LED industry by extensive work in growing GaN on GaN (Gallium Nitride on Gallium Nitride), which helps to form a perfect crystal structure. This is one of the key processes that sets Soraa apart from other manufacturers who generally use cheaper substrates. As a result a perfect crystalline structure is created with 1000x fewer defects, allowing light and energy to flow through the material more effectively. Something that completely astounded me is the unique triangular shape of the Soraa LED chips. Conventional LED chips have commonly been produced with circular or square structures. Within a Soraa MR16 lamp there are 32 individual triangular shaped LED diodes. The innovative shape and layout of the chips greatly enhances how the light is extracted and emitted from the material.

Full Spectrum Colour

The many advantages of GaN on GaN continues as this innovative technology enables Soraa LEDs to emit violet light instead of just blue light. This is significant as it allows full spectrum colour to be rendered from violet to deep red (r9) moving away from the dreaded blue and yellow tinge often seen with inferior LED products. Blue light LED domination is a hot topic right now in regards to artificial light and its effect on our circadian rhythms and general health. GaN on GaN technology allows Soraa LEDs to render infinite shades of white with perfect clarity and brightness so the colours we perceive visually are true to their intended hue.

The Perfect Beam Of Light

Without the right optic the perfect beam of light cannot be achieved. Soraa’s world class optics are designed and developed in-house. Being a directional point source of light, beam angles need to be created that are free from distortion and multiple shadows. The unlimited flexibility of the Soraa snap system gives you the ability to control your lighting conditions by allowing you to shape beams and shift colour. From 10deg to 60deg, 3000K to 2200K, linear to square, low glare filters to colour enhancing lenses, this level of light user interface and controllability is very rare and unique. Once you play with these it does seem like magic appearing before your eyes.

The Future Of Our Light

Soraa continues to push the boundaries further and will be introducing a product called Soraa SKY™ in 2018. Already award winning, Soraa SKY™ incorporates all their amazing LED technology with a more Human Centric focus – stay tuned for further news as it comes to light. Soraa is a very inspiring company driven by a passion for creating genuine products that leverages science to create perfect instruments of illumination. We look forward to continue developing the synergies and integration of Soraa LED technologies with the Artefact Industries product range.